Bdo how to start fishing


Is fishing profitable BDO?

Yes it can be very profitable. With master 2+ trading, I fish a full inventory(182 slots) in epheria sea at hotspots, then bring them over all the way to Valencia city to sell them with the desert buff. On average I earn about 17-20m per 3 hours.

What does fishing level do BDO?

Higher Fishing level benefits:

The higher the fishing skill, the faster and more likely you are to catch higher quality grade fish (grades: white, green, blue, yellow, orange) You will have the ability to use better rods. You unlock certain fishing quests. You can see more “Fishing Hotspots” out in the ocean.

Do you need bait to fish BDO?

Bait is what you can equip with a fishing rod before casting it on the line. It increases the fishing speed by a certain amount of time. However, bait is completely option, and mostly unnecessary, especially if you are trying to get the hang of the entire concept of fishing in the game.

Can you repair fishing rods BDO?

If you fail an enhancment, the max dura will be lowered, but can be repaired up again. And if you want to repair it you have to use basically feed it another epheria rod which go around 730k and from my understanding doesn’t even repair it all the way.

How do I sell my fish on BDO?

How do I sell fish I get in velia?

  1. Hit CTRl to get cursor.
  2. Click on NPC button in the upper right corner near minimap.
  3. Click on Trade Manager.
  4. Make sure an autopath showed up on your minimap… …
  5. Hit T to autorun to the Trade Manager.
  6. Talk to Trade Manager and click on Trade.
  7. Your fish will show up on the right side of the screen.
  8. Click Sell All.
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Does luck affect fishing BDO?

No, luck has no effect whatsoever in anything. … Luck increases drop rates while grinding.

How do I get a better fishing rod in BDO?

To fish, you must first obtain a Fishing Rod. You can get one from a Fisher merchant (some Otters at water sources sell them), a Material Vendor or as quest rewards. You can also craft one via Workers in a tool workshop or buy one in the Marketplace. You can fish from any body of water as long as it’s not shallow.

How do I improve my fishing rod in BDO?

An Item Brand Spell Stone can be used on a Balenos Fishing Rod. This will dramatically increase your AFK fishing time by reducing the Durability Consumption of the rod by 50%. This $4 item, effectively doubles your fishing time. It also reduces the cost to repair a Balenos Fishing Rod by 33%.

How do you dry fish in BDO?

You cannot “Dry” meat or fish unless it is a sunny or clear night. Once you click the start button you’ll choose what you want to dry and if there are multiple, there will be an option to do all if you want. As you can see it’s simple enough but it does take energy. The drying process takes about 15 – 30 seconds.

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