Fishing clash how to play


How do duels work in fishing clash?

The duel takes place on random fisheries chosen only from those available to both players. … Both players will have 3 minutes to catch both required fish. You will get them from catching fish – you will be awarded for the first 50 fish caught every day, championships and duels – you will get coins for 15 duels a day.

How do you trigger a fighting boss in clash of clans?

Boss Battles Bosses are an extremely rare kind of fish available on every fishery. You can catch them with any lure you have. The game will inform you that you have a boss fish hooked before the minigame starts. Catching it will award you with fishing lure upgrade.

What are gift codes in fishing clash?

Fishing Clash Codes (Expired)

  • ifnewlgtn – Redeem this code for a free Gold Pack.
  • eateot – Redeem this code for 50 pearls.
  • 보겸 TV – Redeem this code for 1x Black Pack (Might work?)
  • loot – Redeem code for 1x Black Pack (Might work?)
  • tvusa – Redeem code for 1x Black Pack (Might work?)

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How do you get clan hooks in fishing clash?

In order to receive the clan pack you must be in the clan when the clan star to collect the hooks, if you are not, there will be no option to collect the gain the pack.

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