How far to cast when surf fishing for pompano


What is the best time to catch pompano?

April, May, and November are normally the best months to catch Pompano, but you may also land some in the other months of the year, especially if the water temperature and surf conditions are similar to those preferred by the fish.

Where can I cast for pompano?

You can encounter pompano on the beach, off of ocean-facing piers and even inshore. One of the greatest things about pompano is that they can be found running fairly close to the beach, and within easy casting range. So, there is no need to fight crowds to claim a prized fishing spot on a jetty or pier.

What is the best length for a surf fishing rod?

11-12 ft

What is the best bait to catch pompano?

By far the best natural bait is a live sand flea (sand crab), but Pompano also will bite live shrimp or fiddler crabs and—with varying dependability—dead sand fleas, dead shrimp, clams and cut squid.

What can you catch on a pompano rig?

Use the right bait!

Although dietary studies show that pompano are not shy to eating fish, the large majority of their diet is shrimp, crabs, clams and mussels in most areas. The top choices for bait are sand fleas, shrimp, squid, clams, mussels or fiddler crabs. The “pompano jigs” that work best imitate shrimp.

Can you catch pompano at night?

It is possible to catch pompano at night but extremely less likely since they tend to hunt by sight rather than by scent, such as catfish. So most likely you will catch a lifetime’s supply of catfish and probably no pompano.

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What is Pompano water temperature?

68-75 degrees

How do you target pompano?

The most popular area to target pompano is in the surf. This can be done either from shore, or from an ocean-side pier. The best time to fish the surf is in moderate wave action, just enough to stir up the small crabs and clams that the fish love to eat.

What is the best pound test line for surf fishing?

On average, the optimum pound test made for surf fishing is between 15 to 20 lb for fluorocarbon or monofilament lines, and 8 lb is the minimum pound test if you’re going surf fishing. For braid lines, use 30 to 40 lb. This is used for open waters or if you are a novice angler.

What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing?

What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing? Ratios of at least 5:1 or 6:1 work well in most surf fishing conditions. If you want a slow retrieval, it’s easier to go slow with a higher ratio reel as opposed to trying to go faster with a slower reel.

Is mono or braid better for surf fishing?

because both mono and braid serve different surf fishing situations. Generally speaking, the braid is better for fishing in choppy weather and difficult surf conditions because its small diameter allows better resistance to the wind and to the current.

Is Pompano a good eating fish?

Introduction: Gourmands describe the Atlantic pompano as “the world’s most edible fish.” The flat-bodied, pan-sized pompano is easy to eat whole, a form that shows off the beautiful, silvery skin. … Pompano meat is firm but finely flaked, with a sweet, mild flavor.

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