How to become a fishing charter captain


How much does a charter fishing captain make?

Fishing Charter Salaries in the United StatesPopular JobsAverage SalarySalary DistributionDeckhand 295 salaries reported$11.88 per hourMost Reported $7.25 $43.15Captain 604 salaries reported$16.41 per hour$7.25 $43.15Boat Captain 182 salaries reported$21.47 per hour$7.25 $43.15

How much does it cost to get a captain’s license in Florida?

The Deluxe Master Captain’s License course costs $795. For just the digital edition, the OUPV course costs $495, and the Digital Master course costs $695. The auxiliary sailing and assistance towing endorsements both cost $125 for the deluxe edition and $100 for the digital-only edition.

How do you get a captain’s license in Florida?

Requirements list

  1. You need to make sure you spend enough time on the water. …
  2. You will need to pass your coast guard exam. …
  3. Once you pass your coast guard exam you will need your United States Social Security Card.
  4. Proof of U.S citizenship or Green Card.
  5. Complete your application form (CG Form 719B)

How hard is it to get your captain’s license?

Here’s a secret: The Captain’s course is not hard. While there is a lot of information to cover, we work hard to present it in an easy-to-grasp and relatable way and have been honing our approach for 15 years. While there is some math, most of it can be done with the aid of a calculator.

What is the highest paid fisherman?

Kevin VanDamm, the most successful fisherman in the history of Bassmaster tournaments, heads the career earnings list for a tournament fisherman. In his more than two decades of fishing he has compiled a total of $5.285 million in Bassmaster event earnings.

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What is Captain Sandy salary?

According Cheat Sheet, Captain Sandy makes anywhere between $120,000 and $210,000 a year.

Can I get a captain’s license with a DUI?

A first offense DUI may not result in your captain’s license being revoked, but it is important to disclose the offense to the Coast Guard. If you are applying for a captain’s license such as the OUPV/Six-pack, you need to be honest and report any DUIs in your past.

How much do boat captains make in Florida?

A Ship or Boat Captain can expect wages of around 56000 to 84000 depending on seniority. Ship and Boat Captains can get a pay level of Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred dollars annually.

SEE MORE SALARIES FOR TRANSPORTATION PROFESSIONALS.Delaware$102,290Alabama$77,650Florida$76,430Georgia$74,870

How do I get a Coast Guard 6 pack license?

What are the USCG 6-Pak requirements?

  1. Age 18 or over.
  2. 360 days underway experience.
  3. 90 of those days in the last 3 years.
  4. Physical, drug test and eye exam.
  5. Valid CPR/First Aid card to Valid CPR/First Aid card (American Red Cross, Heart Assoc. or USCG Approved course)
  6. Completion of the USCG exam OR.

Do I need a captain’s license in Florida?

A Charter Captain or Boat License is required to carry paying customers (where a fee is paid directly or indirectly) for the purpose of taking, attempting to take, or possessing saltwater fish or organisms. To be a saltwater fishing guide in Florida, you must comply with U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) requirements.

What size boat requires a captain’s license in Florida?

For starters, you’ll need to decide which type of captain’s license you want. There are two types: The Operator license is for uninspected vessels (ie: boats that hold up to 6 passengers, weigh up to 100 gross tons, and travel up to 100 miles offshore).

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How old do you have to be to get a captain’s license in Florida?

To get an OUPV License, you will need to have at least 360 days of “sea service,” 90 days of which must be in the last year. This may include experience after the age of 13, but half of the required days must be acquired after age 16. To get a license, however, you must be 18 or older.

How hard is the OUPV test?

To pass the exam one has to get at least at 70% grade on Plotting, Navigation, and Deck General, which I did with some margin to spare. But on Rules of the Road, you have to get a score of 90% or better. That one was a challenge.

How do you log sea time?

To document your experience on the water, use the Small Vessel Sea Service Form CG-719S and record to the best of your recollection the number of days that you were on the water in any given month and year. The Coast Guard is not looking for law books or official records to certify this time.

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