How to bend wire for fishing lures


What wire do you use to make lures?

Stainless Steel Wire

How do you make wire lures?

Through-Wire Fishing Lure Construction

  1. Drill Center and Hook Holes. To make a through-wire lure, use a long drill bit to drill a small-diameter hole through the body of the lure from the nose to the tail. …
  2. Create Hook Hangers. Next, you’ll need to create hook hangers to attach your hooks to the through-wire. …
  3. Add Wire. …
  4. Fill in the Hook Holes. …
  5. Paint the Lure.

Can you bend piano wire?

Piano wire has a temper to it. Heat it up and the temper will be removed and the wire will be soft. It will bend easy but not hold it’s shape.7 мая 2004 г.

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