How to catch redfish from shore


What is the best bait for redfish?

Cut mullet

What tide is best for catching redfish?

As the high tide floods shallow areas along the coast, redfish will often cruise the shallows in search of crabs, shrimp and bait fish. As the tide starts to fall, the reds will drop back to ambush points to catch the shellfish and bait fish retreating from the shallows.5 мая 2017 г.

Can you grab a redfish by the mouth?

Use these lip grippers carefully and try not to hang a big fish from it if you can. Grabbing the bottom lip and then supporting the belly of the fish will help the fish from receiving injuries to internal organs and if the fish is big enough it can sometimes lead to broken jaws.

Where is the best redfish fishing?

12 Best Redfish Fishing Spots

  • Redfishing in Venice, Louisiana. Venice is known to produce large numbers of trophy redfish. …
  • Port O’Connor, Texas. In Port O’Connor, Texas, portly redfish abound year-round. …
  • Cocodrie, Louisiana. After a tough fight, a Cocodrie redfish gets some CPR before it’s released.

Do redfish feed at night?

For best results when fishing for redfish—some really big over-slot-size reds visit many nighttime dock lights—it’s a good idea to put just enough weight above the hooked shrimp or minnow to slowly take the bait toward the bottom. … “A full moon really just makes it easier for the angler fishing at night,” he says.

What is the best bait to catch red snapper?

We recommend cigar minnows and pilchards for shiny, eye-catching fish. Pilchards are basically larger sardines, so buy them specifically for bigger fish like red snappers. Drop these live baits deep down with a heavy-duty pole and you may be able to coax some heavy hitters out of holes and deep covered areas.

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What size hook is best for redfish?

Hook Size for Redfish: So you may be wondering what the best size hook is for catching redfish with white bait. I recommend 1/0 to 3/0 size circle hooks. For small white bait (2-3″) I usually use smaller 1/0 size circle hooks to avoid affecting the way the bait swims.

What is the best tide to fish for snook?

Because of this, the best tide for snook fishing is an outgoing tide, especially one several days around a new or full moon. The best time for snook fishing is April through October. Remember that much of Florida waters are closed for snook fishing during the summer months, which coincides with the spawning season.

Is incoming tide high or low?

At low tide, the water is not moving at all. As it begins to move and depth begins to increase, the tide is rising, flooding or incoming. These three all mean the same thing. Roughly six hours later, when the water has gotten as deep as it is going to get, high tide occurs.6 мая 2015 г.

Do red drum have teeth?

Redfish don’t have teeth, and thus won’t bite you off. They do live around structure, however, and a leader may help prevent break-offs. Another reason for a leader is that many toothy fish, like bluefish and Spanish mackerel, inhabit the same waters as reds and may bite you off.

Where do redfish hang out?

Usually, redfish spawn along the southeast Atlantic coast and Gulf Coast of the United States. You can find them from Virginia, south to the tip of Florida, and around the Gulf, all the way down to Texas.

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