How to draw someone fishing


How do you draw a bass?


  1. Sketch a few shapes as the basis of your drawing. Draw two ovals (one much larger than the other) as shown and add guidelines for features.
  2. Draw a half-oval for the open mouth. …
  3. Sketch in the side, upper, and lower fins. …
  4. Draw a curvy triangle for the tail fin. …
  5. Outline and add more details to your fish. …
  6. Finished.

Where do I start drawing a person?

Add the Neck

Don’t worry about anatomy yet; just have the line start at the back of the sphere opposite the face. The neck bends and twists to a large degree, so be sure to give it some curvature. Even when a person is looking straight forward, you can see the natural curvature of the neck in profile.

How do you draw a jumping fish?

How to Draw Cartoon Fish Jumping out of the Water

  1. Draw 2 curved lines that intersect at the bottom like a letter ‘x’.
  2. Draw the eye as a circle within a larger circle. Then just cut out part of the inside circle with a white circle.
  3. The mouth of the fish is like a backwards number ‘2’. Drawthe fin as wiggly lines.
  4. Draw the fins.
  5. Add some finishing details …

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