How to fix a fishing reel that won’t lock


Why does my fishing reel not lock?

The primary reason why you have a spinning reel that won’t lock is because of a broken spool or reel bail wire. Other causes are because of a broken anti-reverse system and drag system.

Why is the drag on my reel not working?

Loosen the drag tension knob at the top of the spool and turn the spool to free the drag discs. A common problem with spinning reels is a frozen drag, which is often caused by dirt, debris, or the drag being left tightened. … Smaller spinning reels generally have just two washers, while larger spinning reels have more.

Why does my baitcaster reel backwards?

the anti reverse bearing on most reels is on the large gear post where the handle attaches (usually covered up by the drag star and reel casing). The biggest thing with these is they get oiled or greased – sometimes by the factory and sometimes by guys just excessively applying oil/grease to anything that moves.

What happens if you put too heavy line on a reel?

Whats the worse thing that could happen if the strength of your line is greater than the maximum drag pressure your reel can apply; your drag slips. If this is a problem it can be solved with a better reel. Unlike a reel a rod can break if you pull beyond its capacity, thats why they are rated.

Why does my fishing reel click?

If you are sure the clicking is coming from the left side, then my guess would be that the spool is hitting an edge or something on that side of the reel. It could also be that the bearing somehow got some grit in it and thats making it tick.

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Can you spool a reel backwards?

Not only can spinning reel spools be spooled backwards but it is possible to screw up winding line on a conventional reel with the machine.

What is anti reverse on a baitcaster?

The anti reverse helps when a fish bites it so when it try to swim the other way there is no pull back on the handle and the drag starts right away.

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