How to get enchanted books from fishing


What are the chances of fishing an enchanted book?

1 Answer. Acording to the wiki the odds of catching an enchanted book is 1.6% with luck of the sea III.

Can you get mending books from fishing?

Mending counts as a treasure enchantment; it can be obtained from chest loot, fishing, raids or trading. It cannot be obtained from an enchanting table.

Can you get all enchantments from fishing?

Fishing rods can now be enchanted with Unbreaking using enchanted books. Fishing rods now have 2 new enchantments: Lure and Luck of the Sea. Fishing rods can now be enchanted in an enchantment table. Enchanted fishing rods can now be obtained as a “treasure” item from fishing, and unenchanted ones as a “junk” item.

What is the best Enchantment for a fishing rod?

Fishing Rod Enchantment ListEnchantment (Minecraft ID Name)Max LevelDescriptionLure (lure)IIIIncreases the rate of fish biting your hookMending (mending)IUses xp to mend your tools, weapons and armorUnbreaking (unbreaking)IIIIncreases durability of item

What are the odds of getting mending from fishing?

If Treasure is chosen, your chance of getting an enchanted book is then 16.7%. With some experimentation I found the chance of an enchanted book, enchanted with the same parameters as fishing enchants books with, having mending is 3.7%.

How rare is it to get mending?

Enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-30 enchantment on an enchantment table, but the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced. but obviously, the chance of getting Mending book on enchantment table is 0%.

How many diamonds is a mending book worth?

Mending book: 2-3 diamonds. Maxed out diamond pickaxe (Eff V, Fortune III or Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending): 15 diamonds. Elytra: 10 diamonds.

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How long does it take to get a mending book from fishing?

The average time you have to wait to fish once with Lure 3 is 17,5s. We must multiply this number with the ones above to get the amount of seconds necessary to get mending books. the results are the following: After 16h 50m 37,5s there is a 50% chances that you have at least 1 mending book.

Can you get mending from a Level 1 librarian?

Yah you can and also just trap a villager and separate it a decent distance from the group and keep placing and breaking a lectern. He becomes a librarian over and over with new trades.

Can you get silk touch with a Level 1 Enchantment?

The maximum level for the Silk Touch enchantment is Level 1. This means that you can only enchant an item with up to Silk Touch I, and nothing higher for this enchantment.

Is luck of the sea or lure better?

Lure increases the speed at which fish will be attracted to the rod, whereas Luck of the Sea increases the probability of finding fish or treasure rather than junk.

Can you get a sharpness book from fishing?

You can get books using a fishing farm thing. … Combine Sharpness V book and Knockback II book (cost 2) Combine Looting III book and Unbreaking III book (cost 3)

Is lure good for AFK fishing?

AFK Automatic Fish Farming

It’s a good idea to use an automatic fishing rod dropper to supply new fishing rods when the previous one breaks. The ideal rod is Lure 3, Luck of the Sea 3, Unbreaking 3 and Mending. Use Mouse Keys in Windows to make the experience truly AFK.

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Is luck of the sea good?

The Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chances of catching valuable items such as saddles, name tags, enchanted books, enchanted fishing rods, and enchanted bows. … This means that you can enchant a fishing rod with up to Luck of the Sea III. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment.

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