How to get started fly fishing


How do you start fly fishing?

How to Start Fly Fishing: A Beginners Guide

  1. Educate Yourself! …
  2. Select Your Rod, Reel and Line? …
  3. Get Some Leaders and Tippet (But Don’t Overthink It) …
  4. Learn Some Casts, Then Practice, Practice, Practice. …
  5. Get Ready to Unhook Your Monster Catch. …
  6. Suit Up Appropriately. …
  7. Research Where to Fly Fish.

Is it hard to learn fly fishing?

The most difficult part of learning to fly fish is the cast. … In trout fishing, you may only cast 20 feet, but in saltwater scenarios, you may have to cast 50, 60, or even 80 feet to effectively target the fish. A good place to learn is your local fly fishing shop.

What is the best fly fishing combo for beginners?

For new anglers, one excellent choice is the Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Combo Package that is available. But countless quality combos are available at Cabela’s, local fly shops and on Amazon (just watch out for junky combos on Amazon). Here’s some good brands of fly fishing combos : Cabela’s, Orvis, Sage, G.

What is the initial cost of fly fishing?

around $200

Is fly fishing better than regular fishing?

Fly fishing allows for an upstream presentation and stealthier presentation. In addition, you can work in tighter quarters when fly fishing. Spin fishing works well for imitating bait fish or crawdads and are presented at all water depths and are retrieved vs thrown upstream and brought to you.

Is it cheaper to tie your own flies?

The expected answer is, “You will save money.” After all, the materials for a $2 fly may amount to 20 cents. … You may not begin saving money until you tie your three-hundredth fly! So, unless you tie a high volume of flies, it might be as cost effective to buy flies at your local fly shop.

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What is the point of fly fishing?

The idea behind it all is that you are trying to imitate some sort of food the fish eats and entice that fish to take your fly over the other food in the water around them. Learning how to fly fish involves taking all of this information and putting it together to catch your first fish on the fly.

What is the benefit of fly fishing?

Fly fishing can be the most effective method of fishing, especially if you’re fishing on rivers, instead of lakes. Compared to spin fishing, it offers an all-around more lightweight experience, with a light rod and light fly that’s designed to imitate the fish’s food.

Why are fly reels so expensive?

Reels are expensive for several reasons: Brand Name recognition and reputation, R & D costs (the latest and greatest), materials, complicated machining, Looks (Abel Fish Finishes), and more. You often get what you pay for but not always hence the pro shop or a shop staffed with folks who fly fish and do so a lot.

Is fly fishing an expensive hobby?

Like most hobbies, fly fishing is only expensive if you buy top of the line equipment. For basic introductory gear expect to spend around $200 for a rod, reel, line and a dozen flies. Add in waders with boots and some other accessories like dry fly floatant and a net, and the cost can reach about $400 or $500.

What size fly fishing rod should I get?

Fly Rod Length

Get 9 feet if you need to make long casts, use a heavy fly line or fish frequently in the wind. Get 8.5 feet for general, all-around fly fishing in a wide variety of conditions. Get 8 feet or less for the precise and short casts needed when small stream fishing.

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What does a beginner fly fisher need?

When you first start fly fishing, there are only a few basic things you need: a rod and reel, some flies and a decent pair of sunglasses. … You’ll want a smaller, lighter rod that can place dry flies precisely and delicately, just a real fly would land.

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