How to hook a shiner for bass fishing


Where is the best place to hook a shiner?

Hook the shiner in the anal fin. This is almost the same as hooking in the dorsal fin. Only thing is you can pull the hook out when its been placed above the anal fin easier. Shiners work great where there are vegetation and pads but it is not needed.

What size hooks for shiners?

For shiners 8 to 10 inches long, use 5 and 6 ought hooks. Use weed guards only when necessary in heavy cover.

What hooks are good for bass?

The Best Hooks for Bass Fishing

  • STRAIGHT SHANK HOOK. Situations: Flipping, pitching and fishing in heavy cover. …
  • OFFSET ROUND BEND HOOK. Situations: Multiple conditions with more streamlined plastics. …
  • OFFSET WIDE GAP HOOK. Situations: Multiple conditions with bulkier plastics. …
  • DROP SHOT HOOK OR “OCTOPUS HOOK” Situations: Drop shot technique. …

What is considered a lunker bass?

The term “lunker” is used by anglers to describe an exceptionally large fish for its type. You would hardly write home about a 2 lbs. … There’s no standard length or weight to qualify a bass as a lunker (though the Bassmaster Lunker Club™ has set the mark at any largemouth over 10 lbs.)

Where do you hook minnows for bait?

While there are many ways you can hook your minnows, one of the simplest is to hook the minnow through its lower and upper lips. This method allows the minnow to swim and move around relatively freely. However, hooking your minnow through its lip will prevent it from being able to draw water into its gills.

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What is the best hook for live bait?

Use circle hooks such as the 6/0 Mustad Ultra-Point Demon circle hook. A hook through the roof of the mouth and out the top of the upper jaw is less likely to turn back into the bait, resulting in a better hookup ratio.

What is the best bait for shiners?

Chumming with oatmeal, casting the flakes over shallow, weedy flats will bring schools of shiners into the area and get them feeding. Then, impaling several oatmeal flakes on a tiny hook, or balling bread around the tines of the treble hook is the basis of shiner fishing.

What size hooks for largemouth bass?

Hook Sizing

For smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing the most appropriate sizes will be sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0. Of course, the size varies depending on the technique you’re using and fish hooks that are smaller or larger than this range are sometimes used.

What bait is best for bass?

Now onto the five best all around bass lures.

  1. Bass Jigs. Jigs rank number one because of their versatility. …
  2. Plastic Worms. At a very close second are rubber worms. …
  3. Spinnerbaits. …
  4. Crankbaits. …
  5. Topwater Lures.

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