How to hook shad for striper fishing


What size hooks for striper fishing?

When using worms, a short- shank, bait-holder type hook in size 2, 1 or 1/0 will work best. If you choose to use clams or cut baits for bait, bait-holder hooks in sizes 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 will give you the best results.

What is the best bait for striper fishing?

Bunker and Herring as Striped Bass Bait

Most anglers will list bunker, properly called menhaden, as their top choice of live bait for catching striped bass. A close second are herring. We’re lumping these fish into the same category because they’re very similar and they’re both very effective at enticing stripers.

What’s the best time to fish for striped bass?

The stripers are moving and eating and just about any artificial that looks like a meal will work. It is also the time of the year you can walk into a blitz of fish at 1:00 in the afternoon. Other than the early spring, the fall is the best time to catch daytime stripers in the surf.

How do you fish for striped bass from shore?

Look for rocky outcroppings or creek mouths with a lot of current. Cast your chunk, bait, lure or jig upstream and let it drift down over the area you believe there to be bass. There are many great places along the striper coast to fish from shore such as Cape Cod, Montauk, and the Outer Banks to name just a few.

How old is a 28 inch striped bass?

All Stripers All The Time!!Length of fishApprox. Weight of fishApprox. Age of fish24 inches8 pounds5 years26-27 inches10 pounds6 years28 inches11-12 pounds7 years29 inches12-13 pounds8 years

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What line should I use for striped bass?

Recommended Line, Leader, and Terminal Tackle

For striped bass plugging, we recommend loading the reel with 30lb fused line as opposed to braided line or mono. Fused and braided lines allow for much greater casting distance than mono. This is because is the much smaller line diameter of fused and braided lines.

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