How to make a bamboo fly rod


How long does it take to make a bamboo fly rod?

This not only drives out water that might haunt you down the road, it tempers the bamboo, turning what would otherwise be a soft rod into one with backbone. It doesn’t take long — about 10 minutes at 350 degrees for the butts, and slightly less for the tips.

How much is a bamboo fly rod worth?

While most people might consider a certain rod to be worth $600, to the fisherman who grew up fishing that same model and for whom it holds sentimental value, the worth may be far greater. However, some fly rods tend to carry more value than others, and a knowledgeable appraiser can give a fair estimate.

Are old fishing rods worth money?

Many used fishing rods are worth less than $50; many more, less than $20. If you think you might have a valuable fishing rod, it’s important to know what to look for to determine its worth. Vintage fishing rod advertisements.

Why do bamboo fly rods?

When to Choose Bamboo…

Bamboo fly rods are ideal for dry flies on small to medium-sized streams. Bamboo fly rods are noticeably heavier than their modern counterparts. If you plan on fishing all day, you might want to use your graphite rod and switch to your bamboo rod when the trout start rising.

How do you treat a bamboo fishing pole?

Tie cord to each tip, and secure the end to barn rafters or a tree limb so the poles hang vertically, slightly above the ground. Curing is complete when the poles take on a tan hue, a process that usually takes several weeks to a couple of months. (Don’t dry the poles quickly in the hot sun or they’ll split and crack.)

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Who makes the best bamboo fly rods?

  1. TOP PICK: Headwater Bamboo Bamboo Fly Rods/ Deluxe Series, 2-piece with extra Tip (6 sizes) …
  2. The New Splits Tonkin Bamboo Fly Rods, 2 piece 2 Tips, 7’6” for the #5 line Wt. …
  3. The New Bamboo Fly Rod Blank 6’9″ for #4 Line Wt,2 Piece with 2 Tips.

Are bamboo fly rods good?

And to be honest, bamboo was much better for small dry flies and delicate work than those early graphite rods; because rod makers were so enthralled with the line speed and distance that the early rods could develop, they weren’t concerned with making delicacy an option.

Why do bamboo fly rods come with two tips?

The reason for 2 tips is because every time you flex a Bamboo rod it dies a little, most of the flex occurs in the tip section , so if you alternate tips every time you fish the rod will last twice as long.

What is the best fly rod on the market?


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