How to make a cane pole


How do you make a cane fishing rod?

How To Build A Bamboo Fishing Pole

  1. Cut Your Cane. Cut a straight piece of cane about 10 feet long. …
  2. Dry Your Cane Pole. Tie a string to the slender tip and suspend the cane as it dries to a tan color. …
  3. Rig Your Line. With an arbor knot, attach 20-pound Dacron line a few inches above the place where you’ll hold the rod.

How long should the line be on a cane pole?

The length of monofilament that remains should be three or four feet longer than the pole — just enough to be manageable while you hold the pole in one hand and the baited hook in the other. If it is too long to let you lob the hook out into the water, the monofilament needs to be shortened.

What is a cane fishing pole made of?

split bamboo fly rods

How much is an old bamboo fishing pole worth?

While most people might consider a certain rod to be worth $600, to the fisherman who grew up fishing that same model and for whom it holds sentimental value, the worth may be far greater. However, some fly rods tend to carry more value than others, and a knowledgeable appraiser can give a fair estimate.

What is the difference between river cane and bamboo?

River cane is a type of bamboo, a group of plants belonging to the grass family. Although over 1,200 bamboo species exist worldwide, only one — Arundinaria gigantea — is native to North America. … Cane can withstand an amazing variety of weather and climates.

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