How to make a planer board for fishing


What is a planner board?

Planer boards are designed to help fishermen cover more area, and reach places they would not have been able to reach by regular fishing methods. … With a planer board, you have complete control over the depth of your bait at any distance you want to place it, up to 150 feet or more away from the side of the boat.

What line do you use for planer boards?

Line ’em up

One trick the best planer board trollers are using is to fish four lines at once (you must, of course, have enough anglers in the boat to allow four lines). Rod holders, positioned two on each side of the boat, really help. The line coming from the forward-most rod holder will become the ‘outside’ line.

How do Paravanes work?

The paravane /ˈpærəveɪn/ is a towed winged (hydrofoiled) underwater object—a water kite. … While a sea-anchor allows a vessel to drift more slowly downwind, the paravane travels sideways at several times the downwind speed.

How does a planer work?

A planer is used to make a board that’s been jointed flat equal thickness from end-to-end. … A flattened board is placed on the planer table (bed) and pushed in. The machine’s feed roller grabs the board and pulls it through and past a rotating cutter headset above the bed, which removes wood.

What are the best planer boards?

Here are some of the top inline planer boards on the market and the techniques that work best with each:

  • Yellow Bird Inline Planer Boards. Yellow Bird Inline Planer Boards offer great value and price. …
  • Church Tackle TX-22 Special Planer Boards. …
  • Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards. …
  • Church Tackle Stern Planers.
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