How to mend a fishing net


How do you connect two fishing nets together?

We’re going to lay our twine that we’re sewing with to the left, pull it down here, even these two up as close as we can, tie around the top two. Left side, go through the mesh first, line the two knots up, pinch it right here, tie around. And then you just carry on until you get all the way to the end.

When fishermen can’t go to sea they mend their nets?

Thinking of “fitting our own masks first”, and using a strengths based perspective, a proverb comes to mind – ‘when fishermen cannot go to sea, they mend their nets’.

How do you fix a hole in a batting cage net?

If you have to put a patch in the cage netting, rather than just repair a tear, you’ll still use the hitch knot. Start by cutting the area so it’s either a square or a rectangle, cutting as close to the knots in the cage netting as possible. Use scrap netting to make the patch.

How do you finish a net?

To finish your netting with a square shape

Decrease at the end of each following row until you are down to just 2 loops. Net the remaining 2 loops together with your working string. Keep the loops and working string close together, and do not make a loop over your mesh stick for this knot.

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