How to restring a fishing pole


How often should you restring a fishing pole?

Over time, whatever color braided line you use will fade from sunlight and regular wear. That combined with fraying along the line, usually easily visible, is a really good indicator of when to replace. Typically two seasons is a safe bet but if you fish harder than average anglers, you may want to replace once a year.

Why does my fishing line curl?

Certain lines tend to absorb a lot of water, loosen it, tight it, and cause it to curl. Each fishing line has a certain amount of memory on the same page. … If the bait is too bright compared with the weight of the reel, the bait does not have enough pressure or strength to hold the fishing line trained.

What color fishing line is best?

green line

How often should you change fishing line?

It doesn’t matter which type of fishing line you’re using, whether it be a mono, a fluro, a braid or anything in-between; the quality of line will have an impact on not only it’s use but also how it degrades over time and over the frequency which it is used. You should change your fishing line once or twice a year.

How much line should I put on a closed face reel?

In my experience, it’s best to hold the line between your thumb and index finger about 6 inches from the eye of the cone so that there is no slack in the length between these two points. Continue reeling until the length specified on the reel is reached. Do not overload the spool, it may cause the line to slip off.

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Can you reuse fishing line?

What they don’t realize is that they can actually reuse their fishing line. … First you carefully unspool your “worn out” fishing line and lay it down somewhere so it doesn’t get tangled. Then take the used (worn out) end of the line and tie it to your reel and spool it on.

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