How to ship a fishing pole


How much does it cost to ship a fishing pole?

With standard ground shipping, it will cost between $26 USD and $38 USD to ship a short or a medium sized fishing rod (between 6 ft and 8 ft). Shipping a longer rod (9 ft-13 ft) will cost between $250 and $500. Longer rods (100 inches long or more) require freight shipping.

Can I post a fishing rod with Royal Mail?

Posting fishing rods can be troublesome as fishing rods are awkwardly long and fragile items. Generally, the Post Office won’t cater for particularly long items and some couriers will charge extra for anything over 1m. However, this is where Parcel Monkey can wade in and help.

Can you ship fishing rods?

Fishing rods are fragile items that require special care when packing, but fortunately, there are a variety of packaging options available, so with some care and attention rods can be shipped perfectly safely.

How do you pack a fishing pole for moving?

The safest way to pack & move fishing equipment is by using cardboard tubes or pipes. Just carefully slide wrapped up fishing rods into the tube. Then, put air-filled plastic padding or bubble wrapping to secure them. Place the end caps on both sides of the cardboard tube or pipe and tape them.

Why is my fishing pole not reeling in?

A fishing line that won’t reel in is usually because of two common problems: a tangled line or the cast-bail is askew. You have to start by checking the reel and look for any problem with its mechanism. You have to get to the root cause of why your fishing line won’t reel in.

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How do you put a bobber on a fishing line?

3 – Attach a bobber: To attach a bobber, thread the line around the top and bottom hooks. To expose the bottom hook, press the top button on the bobber. For the top hook, press the button while holding the bottom hook in.

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