How to store fishing rigs


How do you store trolling rigs?

A cheap and easy option is to use zip lock bags. The small 2×2 bags are perfect for leader rigs. Simply put one lure in each baggie and seal tight. You can put the baggies in a plano box to keep them together – perhaps organized by lure type or color.

How do you store perch rigs?

cut a shallow slit in one edge, place the clip or swivel in the slit and wrap the rig around the sheet embedding the hooks in as you come to them. use half a tooth pick to anchor the loose loop/swivel/clip. Usually put 4 or so on each block and then put them in a small zip lock. No tangles, easy to organize and store.

How do you keep fish hooks from tangling?

I’ve found it’s best to use hook bonnets and rod socks. They’re relatively inexpensive and do more than keep fishing rods from tangling, they will keep your hooks sharp and rods protected from damage.

How do you store Mojo rigs?

I put 2″ and 3″ pipe cut 10-12″ long in a 5 gallon bucket. Then hang the Mojos from the hooks inside the pipes. Works great and you can pick the bucket up with out them all sliding to one side and tipping over.

Should you keep plastic worms in the bag?

“When you do that, it’s critical that all your baits stay straight. If they’re folded or bent when they’re stored, they’ll retain that shape when you take them out of the bag.” … Hartley houses the Ziploc® bags (arranged so they’re straight) in clear plastic tackleboxes in his boat.

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