How to store fishing rods


What is the best way to store fishing rods?

Loosen the drag completely before storing your rod and reel so the line does not pull on the rod. Keep rod on a rack mounted vertically or horizontally, preferably indoors and away from the elements. This is critical as improper storage can result in curvature or damage.

How do you store fishing equipment?

Top 10 Tips for Storing your Fishing Equipment

  1. Take your reels apart to clean, grease and oil. …
  2. Check your rod for worn guides and loose winding wraps. …
  3. When you disassemble your rods, store them using rod sleeves to keep tip and butt sections from becoming mismatched.

How do you keep a fishing rod from getting tangled?

7 Tips for Keeping Your Fishing Tackle Untangled

  1. First, use a good rod sleeve such as the Bass Pro Shops XTS Rod Sock to keep your line under wraps. …
  2. Make use of lure guards such as the Bass Pro Shops Lure Wraps to keep treble hook lures from tangling with everything in your box. …
  3. With single-hook rigs, just hang the hook on the rod keeper.

How do you store a fishing rod in a garage?

Wire Shelving Rack

You don’t have to buy a fancy rack to store your fishing gear. Screw some short sections of wire shelving to your garage or workshop ceiling for a homemade fishing rod holder. Your fishing rods will be organized and out of the way until you need them.

Is it bad to store fishing rods horizontally?

When you store your fishing rods properly you can help to extend the life of your rods, reels and lines. Whether you store your rods vertically or horizontally, with the reels attached or not, remember to make sure you clean them down and dry them out before you put them away.

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What are the best rod holders?

List of the Best Boat Fishing Rod Holders of 2020

  • Scotty Power Lock Rod Holder. Get it now on …
  • Croch Fishing Rod Holder. …
  • Marine Buddy Rod Holder. …
  • Amerin-Made Fishing Rod Holder. …
  • PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rods Holder. …
  • Agool RH40 Fishing Rod Holder. …
  • Rush Creek Creations Rod Storage Rack. …
  • Brocraft Adjustable Rod Holder.

How long does monofilament line last in storage?

two to three years

How do I tighten my fishing line?

Put the spool of line on the floor, label up.

Run the line through the guides on the rod to the reel with the bail open and tie it tightly to the spool. If you use a regular overhand square knot, pass the end through twice instead of just once – it will help keep the line tight on the spool. Close the bail.

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