How to throw cast net fishing


What size cast net is best?

Most of our pro anglers and guides throw a 3/8″ mesh net in shallow water during the majority of the year. A 1/4″ is good for a couple months in summer when the baits get small. Many also have a 1/2 inch mesh in their arsenal for winter and deep water netting.

Which is better Nylon or mono cast net?

Nylon Or Monofilament Cast Net, Which Is Better? Mono does not absorb water and it tangles less than monofilament. Monofilament sinks faster in the water than nylon. Always buy nets made of monofilament.

What is a top pocket cast net?

A top pocket cast net (a.k.a. prawn net or prawning net) is designed to catch prawns. The advantage of this design is the ease of use: prawns gather in the top pocket, which can be easily emptied into a bucket. … Buy your new top pocket cast net now, and you’ll be best prepared when prawns arrive.

Why do fish die when caught in a net?

Constriction of the gills by the netting may also stop the fish being able to breathe properly. Struggling may result in cuts to the skin and scales. … 28% of the fish died in the net, probably from suffocation caused by constriction of the gills.

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