How to tie fishing flies


How do you start tying flies?

Beginner Fly-Tying Equipment

  1. Vise. The vise is the most essential tool on a tying desk. …
  2. Scissors. Scissors are the most utilized hand tool on a fly tier’s bench. …
  3. Whip Finisher. Every fly must be finished by tying off the thread. …
  4. Bobbin. …
  5. Hackle Pliers. …
  6. Bodkin Needle. …
  7. Cabela’s Standard Fly Tying Tool Kit: $35. …
  8. San Juan Worm.

Why do you tie flies?

I tie flies for three main reasons. Tying flies can be cost effective, it’s fun to create new patterns, and it’s relaxing. Although it can be frustrating at first, simple and effective patterns are always a great way to cut down on the cost of flies.

Is Fly Tying worth it?

Even though tying is a viable way to save money on flies if one is disciplined, for many people the draw of tying is much more than that, and it’s worth it for them to have $25,000 worth of junk in a basement dungeon in order to have that perfect caddis pupa with just the right amount of flash and legs etc…

Can I make money tying flies?

Another way to monetize your tying is to work with a fly manufacturer who will mass produce and copyright your flies and pay you a royalty. This really won’t make you independently wealthy, but the more patterns you can get in with a company, the better your chances of making more serious money.

What is a bodkin used for in fly tying?

A useful fly tying tool for everything from applying head cement to clearing the eye of the hook. This versatile piece of fly tying equipment makes applying small stick-on eyes a breeze. Bodkin includes an integrated half hitch tool on the butt of the handle.

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How long does it take to tie a fly?

Some flies can be assembly-lined in stages to improve speed, like tying the eyes on clousers—I will usually tie 20 or so clouser eyes. Once the eyes are on, it only takes 3 or 4 minutes to bang out a clouser including finding the materials.

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