How to use planer boards for fishing


What line do you use for planer boards?

Line ’em up

One trick the best planer board trollers are using is to fish four lines at once (you must, of course, have enough anglers in the boat to allow four lines). Rod holders, positioned two on each side of the boat, really help. The line coming from the forward-most rod holder will become the ‘outside’ line.

How deep do planers run?

PLANEr DEPTH Planers will run at a 45 degree angle and achieve approximately one foot of depth for each two feet of planer line when used with ap- propriate line. There is a point where a planer reaches its optimum depth. For example, 50 ft.

How deep does a number 2 planer go?

10-20 feet

How much line should you let out when trolling?

To get the lure back to its intended depth, you’ll have to let out another 25 feet of line.

Are snap swivels good for fishing?

Just like fishing line, snap swivels are usually rated in breaking strength and they should never be used in a strength less than that of the line on the reel. … At the very least, a swivel that keeps entering a rod tip will be a constant annoyance for anglers every time they attempt to let out line or make a cast.

How do you make planer boards pull harder?

One trick is to loosen the nuts on the back rod and move the middle and outer board in about 3/4 inch. This gives the board more bite and often helps them pull harder. You can move the eye – back – in 1 inch increments – to get them to pull harder.

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What do planer boards do?

Planer boards are designed to help fishermen cover more area, and reach places they would not have been able to reach by regular fishing methods. They are especially effective for trolling. When fish hear the sound of the roaring engine of a boat, most will swim to a safer location.

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