Oregon surf fishing how to video


How do you fish for surf perch in Oregon?

Many anglers gather crabs, worms and shrimp during low tide from the same beaches they’re going to fish later. A growing number of surfperch anglers are using plastic baits such as Berkley Gulp sand worms, which are convenient, stay on the hook well and catch fish.

Where can you surf fish in Oregon?

Here is a quick list of 11 great beaches for outstanding surfperch fishing in Washington and Oregon:

  • Rialto Beach.
  • Kalaloch.
  • Beach 4.
  • Westport.
  • Cranberry Beach.
  • Ilwaco.
  • Cannon Beach.
  • South Beach.

How do you catch a perch in the ocean?

Basically, follow these steps:

  1. Check that your bait is securely affixed to the hook.
  2. Cast as far as possible into the surf.
  3. Reel up slack so you can feel the surf (or a perch) pulling on your rig.
  4. Wait for a bite.
  5. Set hook and reel in your dinner.

What is the limit for surf perch in Oregon?

15 fish per day

What is the best time to go surf fishing?

The best time to surf fish is from before dawn to around 10 AM and two hours before dusk. It is during these times that the fish are feeding, hence exposed.

What is the best rig for surf fishing?

Rigs for Surf Fishing

Some experienced anglers attest that the best set-up for beginners is likely a basic two-hook leader with 3-4 ounce pyramid sinker and Khale hooks, which are adaptable for virtually all water conditions and types of fish.

What size hook is good for surf fishing?

Well, based on the baits we use off the beach, and also on the species we usually encounter in the surf zone, It’s totally safe to say that the best hook size for surf fishing range from #2 to 3/0. However, It’s very important to mention that many factors and variables can impose the use of larger or smaller hooks.

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