Persona 4 how to get fishing rod


Where is the fishing rod Persona 4?

Take the hook to the old man at the river bank and give it to him and he’ll give you a fishing rod. You can also get a fishing rod weapon by trading the Anglais with a student on the second floor of the practice building. Got to the shiroku store at night, talk to her and give her a bug to feed the fish.

How do you get a fishing rod in Animal Crossing?

To get a fishing rod in Animal Crossing New Horizons you can buy one from Timmy, located in Resident Services. This will cost you 400 Bells, but if you hold off until day 2 you can take Tom Nook’s DIY workshop. Here, he’ll give you the recipe for crafting a flimsy fishing rod.

How do you catch the Guardian fish in Persona 4?

To catch this fish, you’ll need the Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait, which you can catch at the Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during winter. You can only catch the fish when it’s raining or snowing! You’ll know it’s the Guardian the second you throw it in the water by the ripples.

Is fishing worth it Persona 4?

Fishing is necessary for the final quest in the Hermit Social Link, and boy does it need a lot of preparation. You don’t actually need to do any fishing at all prior to starting the quest for the purposes of the link, and even when you do, you only need to catch 2 fish. … Reading the fishing books also helps.

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What is the greatest canyon Persona 4?

What is the greatest canyon in the solar system? – Valles Marineris.

Why can’t I catch fish in Animal Crossing?

Once you have it you’re all set. You don’t need bait or anything like that in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, although the option is available to you. If you have bait you can use it to attract fish wherever you toss it. … You’ll never catch a fish without seeing the shadow, so no need to cast unless you spot one.

How long does fishing rod last Animal Crossing?

The most basic fishing rod, the Flimsy Fishing Rod, will break after 10 catches of anything — fish, trash, rocks, and so forth. Casting your line and not catching anything does take down the durability. And your rod won’t break during the Fishing Tourney. A better, regular Fishing Rod will break after 30 uses.

What does the golden AXE do in Animal Crossing?

Golden Axe: Break 100 axes, the easiest being Flimsy Axes. Golden Slingshot: Shoot down 300 balloons. After hitting this milestone, look to the skies for a gold-colored balloon. Shoot that down and the DIY recipe will be inside.

How do you get huge fish in Persona 4?

Steps to catch the huge fish:

  1. Go fishing on a rainy day.
  2. Wait until there is a huge gap between ripples (like 4 seconds)
  3. Catch the huge fish.

How do you catch bugs in Persona 4 Golden?

You MUST talk to the boy about the net before the game will let you start catching bugs. Once you have the net from the ghost, talk to him during the day and he’ll tell you he has a new one and you can keep it. THEN you will be able to start catching bugs.

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